Chris is seven minutes younger, half an
inch taller and five kilos lighter. 
He's twice the man Xand is.

The best way to find out about Chris is not his Wikipedia page. You can tell it needs some fact-checking because Chris' middle name isn’t “Rudolpho” as the entry claims. That would be ridiculous. His real middle name is merely “Rodolphe.” Much more sensible.  

Chris trained in medicine at Oxford and is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians. He has a diploma in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Tropical Medicine and after more than a decade working in the NHS he is now doing a PhD in Molecular Virology under the supervision of Greg Towers at UCL.

If you’re wondering more about how Chris spends his days doing his virology research the description of his PhD on the Towers Lab website will answer most of your questions:

The non-homologous end joining pathway (NHEJ) is known to circularize linear HIV DNA after reverse transcription. Prevention of this process by reduction of any of the components leads to apoptosis presumably due to a pro apoptotic signal activated by the DNA free ends. Because the circles formed are not productive, circularization may be a defensive act for the host but may also help the virus evade pattern recognition. Previous experiments considering a role for the NHEJ pathway in HIV infection have been performed in cells which are unlikely to be competent for effective innate pattern recognition and so I am seeking to investigate the effect on HIV replication and innate immune stimulation of the NHEJ in T-Cell lines and human primary cells using siRNA knock downs and microarrays.
— Christoffer Rodolphe van Tulleken, PhD [pending]

He is one of the BBC’s leading science presenters and has worked on many programs including: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, Horizon, The Truth About...Operation Iceberg, Cloud Lab, Museum of Life, and Blizzard: Race to the Pole, among others.

And years ago, he let Andy Murray beat him for the title of ShortList's 2013 BritList "Male Icon of the Year." Sometimes being so modest is really a curse.